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Nelson's Dangerous Dive by Ellie Jackson -Wild Tribe Heroes

Nelson's Dangerous Dive by Ellie Jackson -Wild Tribe Heroes

VAT Included

A firm favourite in our house, these bestselling children's books tackle environmental issues in a gentle and positive way. All based on true stories, they all have powerful messages behind them. Children and adults alike enjoy them and feel inspired to make positive changes in their own lives and communities.


Nelson's Dangerous Dive goes deep underwater with Nelson the Whale where he discovers a hidden shipwreck and learns that what lurks below may not let you go. As he desperately signals for help, luck is on his side as a group of brave tourists give him the break he needs! A positive, inspiring, beautifully illustrated true story about the problem of ghost fishing nets and ocean plastic with a happy ending. Loved by children, parents and teachers around the world.


Themes addressed: Ocean Plastics, Ghost Fishing Nets, Whale, Animal Rescue, Marine Pollution


The Wild Tribe Heroes books have received personal letters of congratulations from Sir David Attenborough and Prince Charles who are both extremely concerned about the issue of ocean plastics and are doing everything they can to help raise awareness. The books have been featured on the BBC, in The Guardian, Mail on Sunday and Huffington Post as well as numerous local newspapers, radio and TV and also featured in international podcasts, blogs and press.

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