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Compostable Sponge - 2 pack

Compostable Sponge - 2 pack

VAT Included

These biodegradable sponges are made from plants! This set of 2 compostable sponges are a fantastic plastic free alternative to mainstream sponges. Classic sponges and cloths shed micro-plastics which get washed straight into our water ways, whereas these sponges are made with renewable natural resources which will not pollute our environment. They are very absorbent, durable and reusable and are home compostable after they come to the end of their life.


Compostable sponges, 100% plastic-free and made of natural renewable resources, cotton, wood pulp & flax.

Great for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and all around the house. 

Reusable and home compostable after use.

Made in the UK.


Sponge Size: 120 x 80 x 25mm


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